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CiiVE Leaf In My River.jpg


CiiVE (pronounced like "five" but with an 's') are an Australian design collaboration between Jacqui Hunt and Brian Conolly.

Jacqui Hunt is the well recognised voice of the pioneering electronic Australian trio Single Gun theory, who released 3 albums. She has also been in involved with various collaborations and has released an album as a solo artist. Brian's musical background includes the early days of post punk, and other spontaneous and lessor known art in computer music as co-founder of Lake that is now Dolby Australia. Together in CiiVE they merge their musical experience to bring a unique sound.

The duo also mix their skills in design, exploring, without boundaries, new products that follow a simple and beautiful philosophy of luxury and quality. Jacqui has extensive experience in fashion design, with an uncanny eye for the new and interesting. Brian contributes with a technical materials background, stemmed from his experience in performance apparel.