Qusp Your Senses

Label Services

Global Trade

The Qusp label service is unlimited by the artist. We extend regular record label services to included video, design and art. Our offering is customised for the artist's needs and opportunities

The Qusp Senses(TM) system provides a total solution for international merchandising. Designed to work seamlessly from the Artist's own web through to our distribution centres in Europe, North America, and Australia. Senses provides automatic multi-warehousing inventory and true multi-currency retail pricing for optimised global trade.

Qusp Studios

Our studios are located in Sydney and are provided to our artists,  with studio engineering and optional producer direction.


Facilities include recording and rehearsal room, with piano and wide selection of guitar, bass, and percussion instruments and amplification with a suite of quality microphones.  Hi resolution multichannel recording with a broad selection of tools from Universal Audio, Native Instruments, Waves, etc and the latest generation ProTools or Logic X.


Studio set up for professional flash photography. Very high resolution digital camera and cyclorama backgrounds. Full suite of Adobe tools for post production.



Studio set up for multi-camera video recording, with optional Chroma-key. Portable tools for off site location based video recording. Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier video editing tools.