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Synchronisation and Master Use Rights


1. Our direct licensing guidelines

1.1. These are the direct licensing guidelines of Qusp Pty Ltd. This document contains information about licensing our sound recordings and music videos. It sets out the procedure to be followed when you are making an enquiry about direct licensing for synchronisation and master use license.


2. Types of licences offered for sound recordings and music videos

2.1. Master use license is available for syncrhonisation to film and television, online advertising, and other media.

2.2. These licences are separate from any licence required in respect of the underlying copyright in the music and lyrics on the sound recording or music video. Unless the underlying musical works are no longer protected by copyright, you will also need to obtain permission to use the underlying musical works (including any lyrics). Permission to use musical works can be sought from the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS). These two organisations operate from the same office and have responsibility for different types of licensing. See or call 1300 852 388.

2.3. Some content in the Qusp catalogue is also managed by our publisher at Sony/ATV Australia, contactable by email at or +61 2 9324 9661.


3. What is the process for direct licensing?

3.1. To enquire about directly licensing any of our sound recordings or music videos, please contact The Licensing Manager, at email address, or call +61 418 616 247.

3.2. Please fill out our direct licensing enquiry form which can be downloaded from

Or Email : The Licensing Manager, at the following information: 

    a your business name, your ABN if Australian, or official company number per your nations chamber of commerce;

    b your contact details;

    c a brief description of your business, title of the target synchronisation, date of planned release, description of content;

    d the title of each sound recording and/or music video you wish to use;

    e a brief description of how you will be using the sound recording and/or music video (please keep the description under 200 words) and;

    f any other information as may be relevant to your needs.


3.3. Once you have provided us with this information we will get in touch with you to discuss whether a direct licence is likely to be appropriate in the circumstances.

3.4. After speaking with you, we may require additional information. Once you have provided us with any additional information we require we will provide you with a quote for the licence fee. Our licence fee includes the cost of preparing the licence agreement. Licence fees vary depending on the type of use you are making of the sound recording or music video.

3.5. If you accept our licence fee you must notify us in writing of your acceptance. We will then prepare the licence, which sets out the terms and conditions under which we grant you the licence.

3.6. Once you have paid the licence fee and have signed the licence agreement you are able to use the sound recording and/or music video in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licence. Don’t forget to contact APRA and AMCOS to see if you also require a licence from them for the use of the musical works and lyrics. See or call APRA and AMCOS on 1300 852 388 to find out more.